heroku, aws, jelastic, cloudbees or …

… virtual root server?

Soo many smart out of the box solutions vs. complete nacked ssh -X. I’m totaly torned between. On the left side there is total freedom of everything but you have also care about everything – anti-ootb.

On the other side all the sweet IaaS, PaaS Solutions lures with so nice, smarts interfaces. You fear a wrong click will cost you 15+ Bucks/Month here an there … and yeah it’s worth every cent.

Wake up! Start only with traffic-flat, because you dont want to bleed for succes aka click-traffic.

So because I dont can’t decide, I will focuse on one ore two VPS and take my unix hacker sun glasses on, and try out 4 or 5 of the best cloud-of-the-box for my new cold fusion habitat & homeland evaluation story.

Do you know a kick-ass cloud or vps hoster for a restarting cold fusion sugar daddy w/o financial objectives – at least in the begining? Drop me a note about your xperience in coldfusion/railo hosting.


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