Finally sexy again

After starting my Enterprise-Engineering-Consultant Carreer with CFML, Coldfusion felt into a deep “dornroeschen” sleep. Allaire > Macromedia > Adobe vs. Bluedragon hold long time the Keep down to a forgotten Realm.

The smart guys round Railo kisses them frog-like-awake. And voilá runing on nearly all PaaS like cloudbees, jelastic, aws in nearly every servlet container (jetty, tomcat, weblogic and -sphere, etc.) this feels nearly just sexy like server-side-node.js I’ve dreamed in the last century a lot of.

So what can you expect? hm..

… One Tag per Day?
… cftagmindmaproject
… CF-Tag Charts 125 Tags x 23 Releases
… Custom Tag Award
… Ben Forta Tribute Blog
… Opensource Themes to Mango Blog Converter
… Mura Addon of the Month
… CFC of the Week
… Thunder & Splendor Watch
… Cult of the Blue Dragon

stay tuned!